Extreme Black Magic Business Spell

This is the strongest form of business magic known to both ancient and modern Magicians alike as this particular spell casting will draw customers to the recipient of this Enchantment like moths to a flame . It doesn't matter to if your selling bananas on a street corner some place or trying to sell stocks on E-bay, it's all the same as this spell will make one highly successful in their chosen business. Here's the way it works. Lets say you have a mass group of people looking for a certain thing or something similar to the product or service that your selling as their either searching on the internet, moving through the yellow pages looking for a service or just driving around in their car searching for a service. (They would be lead to you as a result of this spell).

This Enchantment picks up the signal of this mass conciseness and through their sub-consciences guides these good people back to your products and services instead of letting them continue on to your competition that would be more then happy to take their money and business from you. In today's business world a person needs a spell such as this to give them that extra added edge that can make the difference between success and utter failure.. Better yet working for yourself or being doomed to work for others the rest of your life. This spell will also help a person greatly with business engagements. business ideas or presentations as It also helps a person with contracts, bank loans and hireling dependable help for their store and so much more.

This spell uses; Wax doll effigies, Ancient Hebrew, Egyptian, Celtic and Angelic Alphabets, Blood Offering from the Priest only, Herbs. Precious stones, crystal alchemies, Universal and Planetary signs, sigils, seals and Angelic signatures, Hand drafted Astrological and Numerological charts. Virgin parchment paper is used for the hand prayer its self . Biological alchemy. A spell of this magnitude most generally takes two week for the creation of it in most cases and can take upwards to three hours in the performing of it. However, the results of this magical operation start [[ Immediately upon the entering of a Clients information into it ]]..

With this spell I offer 3 free recasts to every client, though they won't be needed it is nice to know that they are there for your peace of mind.