Extreme Black Magic Love Retrieval Spell

The Extreme Black Magic Love Retrieval Spell is one of the most advanced forms of Love Retrieval magic know to mankind. This magic goes back to the beginning of the 15th century and is undisputed one of the most powerful forms of Love Magic. This spell is totally customized for the clients situation and can be customized to help with many different areas of a clients life. Such areas include communication, protection, love, and trust. The client will see the results of this spell very quickly, as it is geared to be fast acting and extremely powerful to return your lover to you.

If you have had a relationship that is now broken up, then you will find that this spell will eliminate the hard feelings that perhaps you left in the relationship at the falling. This can be one of the hardest things for people to deal with in their situation. Distance is also another factor that effects the relationship. Through the use of this spell, it can be customized to bring this person back to you, even if you are a good distance away from them. It works through the use of making the person want and desire you as well as opening opportunities for both you and the intended target to get jobs that are close to each other. In some cases even in the same work place.

This spell also consists of several different spells like a communications spell, protection spell, and a curse removal for the quickest and best results. If you have had spells cast for you in the past then the protection aspect of this spell will take over and protect you against any negative energies that have possible been directed at you. Unfortunately there are spell casters out there that if you do not send them more and more money they like to put curses on people, so I have added the extra curse removal spell just for your protection.

Keeping in contact is very important for this spell, because it is also directed by prayers done throughout the casting process to direct the spell in the direction that it needs. This spell will take 2 weeks in the creation and then will be cast on a Friday night. The casting of this spell can take up to 6 hours depending on the situation that you may have and the different aspects that need to be addressed.

There are many tools used in this spell such as: Wax Doll Effigies, Three Ancient Alphabets, Astrological Charts, Numerology Charts, Elemental Tablets, Blood Offerings from the priest only, Metals, Stones, Herbs and Biological Alchemies, Ancient Old Testament Biblical Language and text will be used. Virgin Parchment Paper that is used to write the prayer on, Magical Quill Pen & Ink are used in keeping in the 15 century tradition of writing the spell, Certain Biblical Invoking and Racks of our Creator along with its aspectual names of the Ancient Gods and Goddess are used. Aggressive Langue is used in both the Invoking of the Elemental & Universal Elementals to insure the success of a Task, Tarot & Rune readings are used for the Tracking of the spell. Various forms of incense are burned, Elemental & Universal signs, sigils, planetary and Angelic signatures are used to call in the nine orders of Angelic host or heresies ect.

With this spell I offer 3 free recasts to every client, though they won't be needed it is nice to know that they are there for your peace of mind.