Gods Right Hand of Protection Spell

Do you have some pressing issue that someone is trying to harm you, either through your relationship, job, or any kind of physical or mentally attack? Well, this is the Spell of Michael, the Protector of God. This protection spell will not only protect you, but send back 10 fold what a person or group of people have done or planning to do to you. With Michael and the Angels of the Apocalypse this spell will keep you protected for all harm. Through the various stages of this spell you will be able to see enemies that you perhaps did not know were there. They will revel themselves to you, by watching for those who get hit back by the spell. You will notice that certain people start to loose their relations, friends, and jobs. Their lives will not be worth living.

Through the years and centuries this spell has been used for many people of great power. King Solomon used this for himself many many times. It has also been used for battles that warriors went to, to protect them so that they were not killed or injured. Michael is the Right hand of God that is over Protection. In this kind of spell I use him and Mestopholis to be the warriors that will protect you.

This spell is preformed has the following:

1. Wax Doll Effigies. These are used as "blue prints" shall we say. During the course of the spell several things have to be done with these dolls that concentrate the energy into the spell toward these certain points of the body. (i.e. Mind and Heart) Also, the dolls are where the imprints of the person are at. Invoking of the elementals into the dolls and other Angelic Hosts are done as well.

2. Astrological Charts. These are charts of the persons life and Angels that are to help this person in the spell.

3. Special Amulets. These amulets are used for protection that will be placed around the Wax Dolls. These Amulets consist of the seal of Michael and other Angles of protection.

4. Incense, Herbs, and Precious Stones. These are used to invoke the Angelic Hosts and the Angles at which are under them to help aid in the spell.

The spell consists of the following: Wax Doll Effigies, Three Ancient Alphabets, Astrological Charts, Numerology Charts, Elemental Tablets, Blood Offerings from the priest only, Metal, Stone, Herb and Biological Alchemies, Ancient Old Testament Biblical Langue and text will be used, Virgin Parchment Paper that is used to write the prayer on, Magical Quill Pen & Ink are used in keeping in the 15 century tradition of writing the spell, Certain Biblical Invoking and Racks of our Creator along with its aspectual names of the Ancient Gods and Goddess are used, Aggressive Langue is used in both the Invoking of the Elemental & Universal Elementals to insure the success of a Task, Tarot & Rune readings are used for the Tracking of the spell, Various forms of incense are burned, Elemental & Universal signs, sigils, planetary and Angelic signatures are used to call in the nine orders of Angelic host or heresies ect.

With this spell I offer 3 free recasts to every client, though they won't be needed it is nice to know that they are there for your peace of mind.