Pennies Form Heaven Spell

Pennies Form Heaven Spell is quit the effective money spell that will in fact cause a person to receive financial relief from the many different avenues of opportunity within their environment such as : Job raise increases. Finding money on the ground and in other strange places. Lotto winnings. Legacies or inheritances. Business ventures ect.. The spell consist of such tools as: Ancient Alphabets, Astrological Charts, Blood Offerings from the priest only, Biological Alchemies, Ancient Old Testament Biblical Langue and text will be used, Virgin Parchment Paper that is used to write the prayer on, Magical Quill Pen & Ink are used in keeping in the 15 century tradition of writing the spell, Certain Biblical Invoking and Racks of our Creator along with its aspectual names of the Ancient Gods and Goddess are used, Aggressive Langue is used in both the Invoking of the Elemental & Universal Elementals to insure the success of a Task, Tarot & Rune readings are used for the Tracking of the spell, Various forms of incense are burned, Elemental & Universal signs, sigils, planetary and Angelic signatures are used to call in the nine orders of Angelic host or heresies ect.

With this spell I offer 3 free recasts to every client, though they won't be needed it is nice to know that they are there for your peace of mind.