Extreme Black Magic Angels Furry Spell $900 USD

This is a Extreme form of aggressive black protection magic that insures your safety from any and all that would do you harm either seen or unseen by yourself.  Many enemies today will pose as friends that just want to help you out in life however  if you could see the hidden agenda you would see that all they really want to do is get closer and closer to you to obtain useful and damming information that they can use against either to your reputation. To get you fired from a job. To mess up a long-term relationship. To still from you or to just make themselves look like a shiner star then you  and all at your great expense when the time is right .. 

   Moreover this spell will attack those that appear to friendly to your face but make fun of and cut  you to ribbons behind your back for the mere amusement of other losers like themselves,  However  eventually YOU WILL find out about what they've been saying about you and it will make you  feel like the village edit for trusting them in the first place..  Unfortunately despite your best efforts to reinstate your good name after the fact, it won't do you any good as the damage will have already been irreparably done possibly even making you the laughingstock of your community or worse.  Well this spell exposes them to you firstly so you will know who they are. You will know who they are because you will see someone around you that is having unusual bad luck for no apparent reasons lol as this is the spells way of manifesting to you your hidden enemy.
    The spell will then come to you and ask you what you would like to do with this person and you would just think or speak a thing to happen to that foe and it would in fact happen as you would witness it by either hearing about it or actually seeing it happen before your very eyes.  The spell will cause either someone to tell you of a persons potential trespasses against you or it would allow you to walk up and catch someone in the commission of performing a ill will against you thus catching them red handed.   This spell will then repel all other future attacks hence freeing you up to enjoy life without the nagging question of who is friend and who is for ..
This Spell Action will yield immediate results for a person, as soon as that persons information has been entered into the actual enchantment its self.  The recipient of this spell will also witness the on going progression of these real and factual results in their life partially at first, but then more and more as the spell nears its completion.  This type of spell casting is highly personalized and  tailored made for the Clients specific situational needs.  The spell consist of such tools as: Wax Doll Effigies, Three Ancient Alphabets, Astrological Charts, Numerology Charts, Elemental Tablets, Blood Offerings from the priest only, Metal, Stone, Herb and Biological Alchemies, Ancient Old Testament Biblical Langue and text will be used, Virgin Parchment Paper that is used to write the prayer on, Magical Quill Pen & Ink are used in keeping in the 15 century tradition of writing the spell, Certain Biblical Invoking and Racks of our Creator along with its aspectual names of the Ancient Gods and Goddess are used, Aggressive Langue is used in both the Invoking of the Elemental & Universal Elementals to insure the success of a Task, Tarot & Rune readings are used for the Tracking of the spell, Various forms of incense are burned, Elemental & Universal signs, sigils, planetary and Angelic signatures are used to call in the nine orders of Angelic host or heresies ect. 
     The FREE Services that would be rendered with this spell casting operation are such services as; Spiritual Counseling: To which would give a person that extra guidance needed in the way of knowing what to say and what to do in a trying situation and as a result of this place a persons actions in accordance with the spell action thus speeding the over all process of the spell and would insure the best chances for success in the end.  Crisis Hot Line :This is a line that is open to a person 24-7 day or night just in case a Client would need to speak to us or had a problem that needed immediate attention ect.  Recast:  The Recipient of this spell would receive three recast if needed ..   

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