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The Services available here at Love Spells - Magic Spells are far superior to those offered on the web to date. Services offered with spells include Client Counseling, e-mail support, up to date information on spell progress, secure login for viewing of your personal spell pictures, a discussion board that you can use for asking questions to other guests, and personal guidance from myself.

Due to the rising increase in services being limited on the net, I have added this page to my site to let you know that there will be NO decrease in services. In fact, I am looking for the best ways to serve you with your spell casting needs. Any suggestions that perhaps are not on the site already are welcome. During the past years that I have been on the net I have seen people go from offering clients phone service, spell pictures and many other services to just offering the spell casting. This to me is one of the down falls of business, other businesses not helping you the client. This instills doubt about the spell casters validity.

Client Counseling / Phone Support

Client Counseling is a TOP priority. Each individual case is handled by myself as most people do not want to be passed on to counselor after counselor. To reach the peak of success you need to be able to relate to the one that is casting the spell. This is so that you can ask questions directly to myself and get the answers from me. The second importance of this is that is gives you a more secure feeling to know that I am the only one who know what is going on with you case and it is not shared through out the whole world. Privacy! In one word.

E-mail Support

E-mail support is just as important as phone support as some may not feel comfortable talking on the phone and would rather handle things via e-mail. E-mails are usually answered within 24 hrs.  Through e-mail and/or phone contact you can get up to date information on the spells progress.

24-7 Support

I am available for anyone to call 24-7. This is very important for people who are in different countries and want to call during the normal day for them. As for people in the US, it is great for those of you who wake up at night and need to talk with someone. I am here for you and want to see you get through this situation and be the best that you can be.  Please note that this means that you can call and leave a message and as soon as I am available I will call you back. This pertains to when I am casting or working on spells. In other words I do not have a 8 am through 5 pm policy of only answering the phone then. I do answer all through the day and night.

Read What Clients have to say about the services

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a client now of Michael's now for a period of a little over a month.  The service I have received is second to none.  He delivers exactly what he promises in the way of service.  As for the spell.  Already seeing results of one type or another, and even if I wasn't he has helped me more in the last month learn about myself and heal (with the negativity prayer)  than any spiritual worker I have had working for me in the last three years and there were over 25.  I have never received the service from any (even two friends of mine) that I have received from Michael.  He is not a psychic and doesn't claim to be but he knows his art or craft if you want to call it, very very well, and is there for you throughout taking the time to explain the details to you himself. And anyone who is skeptical about the kind of magick he practices can take the time to research it on the web.  He is telling you exactly what others who practice will tell you. (and I am talking about those who practice for themselves or as part of a religion, not other websites with magick for hire)  with Michael you are not put off to a caseworker you can get information first hand.  I have received more from Michael than I have from therapy and at a lesser cost. He delivers exactly what he promises to deliver "Service after the sell guaranteed."  Never once yet has he made a claim or promise he hasn't followed through on.  Those who hire people to do spells for them must remember that time frames in magick and magick itself is never a guaranteed. 


Michael is always available day or night.  He answers all of my questions and his services are by far over and above any others.  He strongly recommends keeping in close contact with him which is unheard with other practioners.  He is the REAL DEAL!


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