As you can see in the picture about there is a 12" candle with 9 black ribbons tied around it, a candle holder, incense holder,9  incense and a consecration dish ( the dish not sent with the spell ). The dish is not sent because when you receive it it has already been consecrated. On the candle are carved the Elementals and the God and Goddess aspects of Divinity. 

    This prayer is used to help you release negativity that is in your life. The negative releasing spell will remove 9 negative attributes that you have from a situation that is troubling you in your life. The purpose for clients performing this spell is that they have to give something to get something out of life. Well, this spell gives them the opportunity to get rid of negative attributes or qualities about themselves in order to make them a better person. In doing this they have given up be a, shall we say being a "distressed" individual. In return for giving up the negative attributes they will receive the intended goal.

One of the most important things about this spell is that you do not mess it up. Take you time and perform it right or it will serve you no good. If you mess up on the spell it is better for a person to order another one than to keep on performing the same one. 

The goal of this is to channel your negativity into the candle, which stands to reason that you can not touch the candle or the negativity will come back to you. Remember too that the spell is only as good as the person that is willing to work on the negative qualities as well. That's right it doesn't release all of you negativity, rather it helps you release it when you need the extra help. 

In short if you are experiencing a lot of negativity in your life and  you are suffering from things like depression, anxiety, anger and many more then this is the spell that I would suggest to help you with these things.

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