Black Spells by definition means negative prayers.
White Spells by definition means positive prayers.
First, you ask your self which is it I want,  a Black Spell or White Spell??? Will I have effects come back on me if I get or perform by own Black Spell? What about effects of a White Spell? Is there any effects from it?
Well, first off spells ask for some to happen to a person (Good or Bad). This can be done by Black or White Magic. The Black Magic side of this simply ask that a person learn from something by means of negative things happening to them. This is good if you are wanting a person to have trouble with some one or something. And the effects, well if you purchase a spell from me, then I am taking any effects upon myself that may result in this action. In some instances I have had things happen to me ( from a spell that I performed for another person ) that were rather shall we say not so pleasant. At the same time, the intended target of the spell would be going through utter chaos. As for the Client, I have never had a client say that they have had any effects from a Black Spell that I have performed. Remember to that Black and White Spells alter the natural flow of the Universe, so doing to many is not a good thing.
Now for the White Spells side of things. White spells simply put ask that good things come to a person in order to teach them certain lesson that he or she may need to learn. And for the effects, there is no bad effects from this kind of spell. More good comes to you when you cast White spells. You may see money, love, health, or many other things come to you when you have on of these cast, or cast one yourself.
Now, you have to ask yourself ( Be Truthful): am I wanting the Target to learn from something in a good way or bad???
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