Who is Divinity you ask???

For thousands of years people have ponder the question; "Who Is GOD?". Well, understand that this is my interpretation on how and what God is. This does not reflect what you or others may thing, nor am I trying to offend any by what I say in the following paragraphs. If I do offend someone, please do not take it personal as this is just my views and concepts of life and Divinity or God.


Well, I can start this off by saying that I do not belong to an "Organized Religion", not even Wicca, Pagan, Satanism, or any other. Also, let me add that I am not against them either as they do server a good purpose. My aspects on that are this: 

1. Who is Divinity? 

Well Divinity is simply who you conceive to be the Higher power in the universe. Where some worship Buddha, Alai, or other names of God, I simply put the all together and call Him/Her Divinity. This way I am not offending any person of any organized religion. Divinity has many names by which Humans call Him/Her. This all depends upon which area of the world you grow up in and what your religion is. Basically all religion point back to the Higher Power, so I really can't disagree with either of them. They just have their own way of expressing Divinity. So, I try to respect all.

2. Organized Religion

An organized religion is there for the masses of people that need help and guidance. Perhaps for those who wish to have a closer aspect of Divinity and who do not know how to achieve this. My point of view is that everyone should have a type of organized religion that they start out learning and then take the lessons that Divinity teaches you and incorporate them into your belief system. This is where you will start to vary from the EXACT teaching of the organized religion and start to go out in search of knowledge and find what Divinity has in store for you.

That is basically all I can think of putting on this page, but if you have any specific questions for me, please e-mail me and I will make it a point to address them in an e-mail to you and also put them on the site for someone in the future to read.

Michael Jenkins

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