Negative Releasing Prayer



This prayer accomplishes many task all at once and the first of these task being to look at yourself objectively inwardly and  working to over come any negative traits that may exist within your personality that has been keeping you down in life..  By looking within yourself you will  start to notice the pros and cons of your mental process and in the ways that you interact with everyone  around you. 


As a result of this prayer you will not only see these negative attributes within your mental make up but you will also be given the tools to rid yourself of these blocks or ways of negative mental processing and action.  A  Negative Attribute would be this: A way of doing something that is either harmful to ones self, To Others or your environment. These are things taught to us in life either by our parents, friends or just ways of dealing with things that we have had to come up with on our own to handle a certain situation because no one was around to teach or help us deal with that particular problem in the right way.


    Of course these ways of doing things learned in the past  might not have been the best ways of dealing with any given situation for the sole reason that a action might have or still may be invoking a harmful aspect at some level of interaction... Eventually a negative attribute if gone unchecked for many years can turn into what we call in the field of magic a block or mental blocks to which binds or restrains a person from obtaining Love, Prosperity, Health, money success ect. in their life..


    So basically in short when you understand yourself and what makes you do the things  you do You start  to see clearly what causes you to end up repeating the same actions and situation over and over again and as a result of this you can then fix these problems within your personality that have been keeping you down in life.  As the result of gaining  new insights and creating ways of doing things your previous restrictions will be lifted forever and you are freed .  Thus you have started in essence a spiritual cleansing within that causes you to be radiant from without  and this will make all people and Divinity its self more receptive to the granting of your most profound dreams as they will now see you as a worthy and  righteous person.  


   You see, Divinity states that every human Soul is destined to find fulfillment in life as it wishes so intently to grant your dreams however there must be effort  exhibited on your part  to establish your worthiness to receive a wish in life and that is what this prayer is all about.  Another benefit to this prayer would be that through your own self understanding you can then begin to understand the inward workings of others thus making your interactions more fulfilling with them. You can then take full control over your life as you will become the Master of your environment through your knowledge of how the people and the over all world works.    


   Again Once you are able to accomplish this level of existence then it is all down hill from there because then you will then know how others will react to any given situation or how any certain situation will turn out thus giving you the gift of positive environmental manipulation .  And if you obtain this knowledge then you can jump into any productive opportunities as they present  themselves to you .  Also you know what kinds of situations to steer clear of at the same time, and that makes for a real smooth ride through life . This exercise in mental discipline will not only speed up your over all spell progression by light years but will also draw the aspects of love, wealth, health and  untold prosperity to you .


 A ( Negative Trait ) is any human emotion that is out of balance such as : Getting angry all the time.  Anger in its constructive form of a persons personality and can be useful in the way that it can be directed into a positive energy or action and applied towards any given situation for a better outcome of that current happening in a persons life.  If this emotion is balanced correctly it will ultimately accomplish a persons  goals no matter what they are in any given situation without that person having to resort to violence, verbal abuse  and so fourth towards another person or group to achieve their goals.  
  If this emotion is not placed in check and balanced out then that emotion will rule over a persons life by suppressing that persons beneficial emotions and actions such as good will, faith, charity, love, compassion.  It will then eventually cause a Souls downfall with illness, loss and strife and will lead them to a early grave in the end.   Other such common imbalances of human emotion are: Depression, Self Loathing, Greed, Jealousy, Hatred, Sloth,  Obsessive sexual thought patterns, Controlling behaviors, Power Obsessions ECT.  All these emotions can be channeled into constructive action or positive energy if a person were to simply sit down and think to themselves how can I balance  this certain emotion that will benefit my personal well being as well as those around me.   In  what  new and constructive  way can I react to this situation that will change my life for the better.
                                                        ((( Let me give you my definitions of Sin, Repentance and Faith.)))))
 (Sin )is either the negative mental process or the  negative acting out  of something that you know to be harmful to yourself, Others or your environment  but still well knowing this you decide to continue this behavior because it suits your goals or is the path of least resistance.  A failure to change to a positive way of thinking or acting. [ No spiritual nor mental growth ]  [ Stagnation ].
 (Repentance) Is the self reconnection of a harmful act  either against ones self, others or the environment .  A person then vows to change this way of behavior with a firm resolve to reverse any damage that they might have done in their environment.   The person in essence turns over a new leaf  by being very careful not to repeat their past mistakes or behavior patterns as they now discover new and positive ways of doing things that will in fact be beneficial to themselves, everyone and everything around them in the environment.. 
 ( Faith)--Is the total recognition that even though you can't see your way clear of a bad situation and you've done all that you can humanly do to resolve a problem but still your efforts have all come to nod yet {{ you still believe }} And this is faith . You still hold true that  there is a higher power much larger then yourself that you can call upon and it will come to aid you in your darkness hour.  Even though we can't see this presence all the time nor can we hear it  still we know its there with us.. We don't truly know what it looks like nor what its true name is yet we know its there. We never really call to it unless we are in real trouble and yet it has never left us.. We normally will only dedicate a hour or two it on Sundays perhaps yet we never really feel it leave our sides as it is eternal and that which is eternal can die nor fade away form our lives. 
   When a person engages in this type of a prayer,  what they are in essence accomplishing really are such things as:  The recognition of obsolete actions and thought patterns.  Through this they are mentally evolving and learning new and highly beneficial ways for living a better life in the ways of good communication skills, Tolerance, Patients, Perseverance, selflessness and discipline. 
  This prayer allows a person to reconnect with the Divine and realize that the Divine has always been a part of them  as they will always be a part of the Divine.  This prayer will cause a total manifestation of Divinity into every facet of a persons life thereof changing that person for the better and allowing that person to be happy in life with the knowledge that they never have to be alone again. All a person has to do is reach out and call there names and they will come .  ( Seek and you will find me).  ( Be still and Listen you will hear me )..
                                                                                      What's in the picture


   Please notice the White Taper Candle below that measures 8 to 10 inches in length with the nine  black thin bands of ribbon tied around it . Each one of these bands are tied off with three knots around the shaft  of this candle.


Notice that  they are spaced evenly  apart and moving in a downward motion on the shaft of the candle .


 Please Notice the cup of olive oil sitting at the bass of the candle over to the right and the incense burner over to the left of the candle.  There is a box of matches sitting in the front of the candle.   This is the way your prayer set up should look.


The candle serves two functions here really the first being a tool for visualization and the second being a vehicle to pull any negativity out of a persons Spirit .  It will soak it into the candle much like a sponge.  However please know that the Angelic orders aren't in the candle its self as they are standing around a person.


This is a simple exercise to perform even though it looks very involved here. It's not once you see how it's done though. This is a highly effective tool used in magical practice and must be looked at as such so take your time and memorize all the steps on this page fully. 


 One must make a most sincere effort in the preparation and the performing of this prayer as the successful outcome of your over all spell that I will be performing for you may depend on the effort that you place into this exercise..



                           Now lets begin by first picking up your taper candle and following these simple instructions below.
(1)--It would be easier for you to lay the candle down on its side and while using something sharp scratch these names into the sides of the candle its self : Creator Jehovah Tetragrammation, God PanLucifer, Goddess Diana, Jesus Christ, The blessed Mother Mary, Metatron, Sandalphon, Michael, Gabriel, Dobbiel, Uriel, Tartarus, Raphael, Manakel, Ariel and the then the Elementals of Spiritus, Nanta, Exarp, Bitom, Hcoma.  Write small from the top of the candle to the bottom of this candle and you should have no problems in getting all the names on it . Write them in this order.
(2)-- Now take the cup of olive oil and dip your right pointer or index finger into the oil then touch the candle in the middle and with your finger apply  the oil from the middle upwards to the small end of the candle towards the wick and say : I consecrate thee candle in the most holy names of: Creator Jehovah Tetragrammation, God PanLucifer, Goddess Diana, Jesus Christ, The blessed Mother Mary. 
(3 )--Again start in the middle of the candle and smear the oil downward on the candle moving towards the big end of the candle and say: I consecrate thee candle in the most holy names of: Metatron, Sandalphon, Michael, Gabriel, Dobbiel, Uriel, Tartarus, Raphael, Manakel, Ariel and the then the Elementals of Spiritus, Nanta, Exarp, Bitom, Hcoma.
(4 )-- Now were ready to tie the nine black bands of ribbon around the candle.  Simply cut a length of thin black ribbon that will be long enough to wrap around the shaft of the candle . Make sure that it's long enough that you can not only wrap it around the shaft of the candle but you can also tie it off with three knots.
( 5 )-- At this point you should have nine black bands of thin ribbon wrapped around the shaft of the candle spaced evenly apart moving downward on the candle its self.   All these bands should also be tied off with three knots each.  What we need to do now is take our left pointer finger or index finger and dip it into the olive oil to get ready to consecrate the nine black bands of negativity . Please also note that these are examples below and you can either use them in your prayer or you can come up with some negative traits on your own.
( 6 )--  You should now dip your left pointer finger in the oil each time you touch a black band and say:
(1)--I consecrate thee band in the name of : Hostility. 
 ( 2 )-- Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Depression. 
( 3 )- Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Obsession. 
( 4 )-- Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Loss. 
( 5 )--Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Pain.
( 6 )-Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Jealousy. 
( 7 )-Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Gossip.
( 8 )--Move down to the next band touch it with the oil and say : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Ego
( 9 )-- Then touch this last black ribbon while saying : I consecrate thee band in the name of : Pride.
When you actually start the prayer please remember you only let the candle burn through one band per night.
( 10 )-- After completing this step you would now be ready to place the candle firmly into the candle holder so that it doesn't fall out during your prayer.  Please note  that it would be a very good idea to write your nine negative traits down on a piece of paper in the order that you have placed them on the candle so you do not become disoriented during your prayer ect.
( 11 )- Please make sure that your candle is placed on a steady table and in a place where your prayer won't be disturbed for its nine day duration.  Also you will need to place a sheet of wax paper under the candle holder so that the wax doesn't fall on your table .  You will find that this will be alot easier for you when it comes time to dispose of the spell its self.
( 12 )-- It is your option to burn incense or not depending on any allergies you may or may not have.  However assuming that you will be using incense for your prayer it doesn't matter what kind you burn. Whatever favorite incense you have around the house or like will be fine.  Please keep safety in mind and take precautions such as keeping the materials for this prayer away and out of the reach of children.  Please make sure that the lit candle and incense are away from anything that can catch on fire like drapes and the like. 
( 13 )--  Now Light the candle, but remember once you light this candle you can't ever touch it again with your bare skin or hands because the candle becomes a sponge for negativity at this point.  Now if you should touch it by some chance the negativity that you've placed into it from the previous nights will shoot back into you making you feel very badly both mentally and physically .   If this happens then just simply throw the old prayer away and restart a new prayer as this will make you feel allot better again.
( 14 )-  Concerning your actual prayer. This is a one on one prayer that you can either speak or think to the Creator and its Divinity.  The main goal here is to ask Divinity for their intervention and aid in helping you personally in the way of  getting rid of these nine harmful attributes within your personality.  However this prayer is not intended for anything else such a financial request or to bring anyone back into your life ect as this is what the larger spell casting operation is for.  Concerning extinguishing the candle flame : [ Please Don't Blow out the flame} snuff it out Instead with a common spoon as you can use this as a candle snuffer.
( 15 )-- This spell has to be performed nine night consecutively without fail for it to work however It really doesn't  matter what time of the night you decide to perform the prayer as long it gets completed within a 24 hour period.
( 16 )--  When you have completed the nine day prayer then carefully pick up the corners of the wax paper without touching any of the remnant's of wax or ribbon and place it in a container of some kind and transport it to either the trash can, field, woods or back yard. The remnants must be placed in a area far away from you so that you will never come in contact with them again.  And your done.
( 17 )-- The prayer will produce Spiritual manifestations such as pin points of light, flowery smells, fluttering wings in ones ears and so fourth . The best thing about this prayer is that a person will feel much better physically and mentally as their faith is strengthened and hope is regained.  This prayer will excel the over all results of your spell as great effort has been made on your part.
[1]--Write the names into the candle.
[2]--Bless or consecrate this candle with oil in the names that you have just written into it in the name of Jehovah Tetragrammaton.
[3]--Wrap nine black bands of thin ribbon around the candle and tie each one these bands off with three knots.
[4]--Again consecrate these nine black ribbons in the names of each negative attribute that you have chosen to rid yourself . Write these down on a piece of paper and set it to the side so you can remember them in the same order that they appear on the candle its self.
[5]--Now at this point you should have the Angelic names written into the candle as you should also have nine separate bands repersenting the nine seperate negative traits wrapped around this same candle. Now please place the candle firmly into the candle holder and place a piece of wax paper under the candle holder to avoid any wax dripping on your table or floor.  This candle should be placed in a safe and stationary place throughout the duration of this prayer.
[6]--Your ready to begin with this prayer. Go ahead a light the candle and invoke the angels that you see written in this prayer either mentally or verbally and ask them to both witness and help you in getting rid of this first negative trait.    When you feel that they are present then begin to speak to them and explain how this certain negative trait has caused you trouble in your life and that you would like their help in getting rid of this hindrance ect. Now this prayer should continue on until the flame burns down through the first ribbon as at that point you would visualize this trait leaving your body and absorbing into the candle.
[7]-- When your ready to close out the prayer just thank them for their attendance and help as you then at this point go ahead and extinguish the candle with a spoon.  Your prayer has ended for that night only but must be a repetitious process as the only difference being a different trait for each night . This prayer must be done consecutively and without fail for it to work.  Also it doesn't matter what time you perform this prayer as long as it is performed each night .
[8]--When you have completed the prayer fully and are ready to dispose of it please carefully pick up the wax paper containing the candle wax and ribbon remnants without touching any of this material other then the wax paper  and either toss it in the trash can or dump it in the forest somewhere to where it won't be bothered.  If you at any time touch the wax or ribbon after lighting the candle it will have the reverse effect on you so please take care not you touch it directly. However if for some unavoidable reason you do have to touch it  after activating this prayer then wear a glove or use tongs to correct any deficiencies . Good luck to you and let me know if you have any more questions or problems pertaining to this prayer.--------------------Michael

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