These are actual testimonials from clients that have had spells performed by myself. Some of these have had very very tough situations, but through all of this one fact remains... They still are on the testimonials page, because of the success of their spell!!! You can have the same!!!


"Michael did an amazing spell for me to help me deal with a really difficult
boss who was abusing me at work. I didn't know what to do until Michael
promised that his spell would fix this abusive situation so I would not have
to deal with my boss again and feel safer and less stressed at work!
Only a month later, I saw really amazing effects, my boss was finally
starting to get what she deserved and not get away with things anymore...it's
still continuing so good things are coming out of Michael's spell and now I
can go to work with peace of mind and concentrate on my job without getting
Thank you Michael you are an angel!"


Michael is a sweet and kind man. He knows his craft very well.
Almost two weeks ago Michael did the Sex Enchantment Spell for me because I was missing my ex-boyfriend who is the world to me. I forgot to do the Negative Releasing Spell which prevented the spell from taking root. (Please do not forget the candle spell)
Michael did the spell for me on a Saturday night. I completed the candle spell on Wednesday night and my ex-boyfriend called me on Saturday night and we got together and had the most explosive sex. Whew!!!! My ex-boyfriend continues to call me everyday and he misses me, he tells me continuously when we talk that he still loves me. I will keep you updated on the results of the other spell work that Mike is doing for me. NOTE: The sex spell is very potent! I have been approached by so many men who want to please me and satisfy me sexually. Men that I have known for years who don't have a chance with me. Thanks Michael





Hi Michael, You are working on a spell for me. So far I am very impressed with the professional manner you handle my case. I have consulted other so called psychics and occultists, but you are definitely the real thing by far. Gretl


Thanks for all of your hard work on my case and bringing John back in my life. I have never seen the results from a spell like the ones that I have seen from yours. You truly are the one person that I can count on in my life to be a friend. Mentioning friend, let me tell everyone reading my testimonial.. Mike is more than a friend, he is a person that takes person care of your case. I have been to many different sites (Ashia, Egyptian Witch sites, and several others) and I have been put off to counselors and several other different people have handled my case, to no avail. When I approached Mike with my situation I was stunned at the personal service and attention to detail that he gave to my case. 

I will be back for more spells soon.

Take care Mike and I will speak with you again soon. ------- Kathy


Dear Micheal,

Here is an amazing update for you! I got up this morning as usual and got a phone call. IT WAS NATHAN!! After you done the spell for me 2 weeks ago, I started to loose faith because it seemed to take so long. Well anyway, we are meeting today for the first time in 8 months! Man I have missed him so much and I can not wait to meet him today! I'm so happy! I feel like a little kid that just got a new toy! Well, I must prepare for meeting him. I will write you later and tell you how it goes..

With all the thanks a person can give,


 Michael performed the extreme black magic love return spell for me. It was amazing! I saw results within 1 week of the casting. Once he started on the writing of the spell, Daniel called me. Once the spell was performed we were back together with 2 weeks. Michael, thank you so much for giving me my life back. 

Tiffany - Ohio


I first of all want to start by saying that Michael is one of the most amazing people that I have ever had the good fortune to come across.  He is patient, understanding, kind and knows and understands the angst suffered by lost love. 
I contacted Michael, after wasting time on other so called witches, psychics and occultists.  I spent thousands of dollars with no results.  Up to the point where I contacted Michael I had NO contact with the person Michael is helping to bring back to me permanently.  I realized Michael was special, because:  the day and moment Michael received my imprints, the guy in question asked me to call him, after two months of NO contact at all. 
Michael has since casted 3 spells for me.  I am awaiting the results, BUT whilst I am waiting Michael is also helping me on the most incredible journey of self-discovery and change in my own life.  The negativity releasing prayer is very powerful, and should by no means be taken lightly.   See the 9 days whilst performing the spell as a journey of change.  Michael is there, as he says on his site  24/7.  I live in the UK, and the time difference makes it difficult to keep in touch within reasonable hours, but Michael is always willing to listen and to help.
I am sure that he results I want will manifest, by while I am waiting, I am also becoming a better person.  Michael is more than a wizard, he is a friend, mentor and spiritual guide.
Michael, thank you for everything you have done so far.  We both know that Jon has re-invented the concept of stubbornness and deceit, but I have all the faith in the world that you will return him to me a better person, when Divinity deems the time right.
With Love and sincere gratitude


I have known Michael for over a year now.  I came to Michael after much searching and frustration.  The love of my life, and the man I believe to be my soul mate had left me because of my stupidity.  Though now as I write this testimonial, I realize that the separation was the best thing to ever happen.  For me it has been a time to learn about myself and the way I treat my partner.  I have grown much over the last year and continue to grow even now…

I truly don’t know what I would have done without Michael.  Michael talks of “Divinity” and “Angels” when in fact I believe Michael is one of those angels, sent by God.  He is unlike any other magical practitioner I have encountered, and I have encountered many.  Michael has been there for me, every step of the way.  He talks about checking in regularly and if I don’t call him, he calls me.  It seems when I am most lost, God tells Michael I need him and he will call me on the phone, out of the blue, sometimes after months of no contact.  Michael and I have spent hours on the phone at a time.  He comforts me, he counsels me, he motivates me and he is there for me as a friend.

My journey has been very difficult and at times I have come very close to giving up.  Michael’s work did bring my lover back to me but unfortunately it did not last because I did not listen to Michael’s advice.  When my lover came back, things weren’t “right on” and instead of calling Michael I took matters into my own hands and lost my lover AGAIN.  Michael is the one who called me and knew what happened without me telling him.  Michael is the one who called me and told me his meditation showed him what needed to be done to correct the problem for me.  Sometimes Michael scares me with what he knows, but in a good way.

I do not want to be specific with regard to money here because I know Michael treats each of his clients individually but Michael has worked with me in ways NO ONE else would.  He has never let money be the focus of our work together.  As a matter of fact, if I think about all the time Michael has worked with me and for me, he has been seriously underpaid and I owe him BIG TIME.

Michael continues to work with me and for me to bring back my lover AGAIN.  This time, I will not ignore Michael’s advice.

My advice to you, don’t take my word for it, talk to Michael and you will know he is sincere, kind, caring, honest, and skilled.

Peace and Blessing to all who journey on the path to happiness, Michael is a GREAT GUIDE….

Finally, Thank you Michael but even more importantly, Thank you Divinity…


Dear Michael:
I had to write and tell you how wonderful I feel since you did the protection spell for me.
I had been a good and valued employee for a number of years until I fell and broke a vertebrae at work. After a rather lengthy recuperation my employer allowed me to return to work. Things have not been the same and have gone from bad to worse. My immediate supervisor and her boss both had really made my life so stress filled it was nearly impossible. I would quit but I am older and my chances of finding another job are very slim at best. Recently my boss decided to make me the brunt of all of her frustration. Anything that occurred was somehow my fault even if I had the day off. Even when my mother was so ill she would not give me time off I had to seek help from a superior. Of course upon my return my life was not worth two quarters. After you did the protection spell my life has improved in so many ways.
Before there had been a computer "upgrade" complete with problems associated with it. Our reference was to note the problem with our tech in charge and they would address it. Her response to me was operator error and would not call anyone to repair it or check it out. I was given 8 written warnings in one day. When I contacted computer opts myself they said they knew they had a major problem and would help me.
After your spell everyone has been more than helpful to me. My immediate supervisor has had major problems from computer problems (nearly 10 times the ones I had) to personal problems .....to many inaccuracies in her work performance.  The general manager in charge has been called into the main office to account for so many inaccuracies in the last 3 days she went home sick. I have not wished for anything bad for anyone but they are doing this by their own hand.  
Thank you so much Michael. I really need my job and I do believe you and your spell have saved it


Dear Michael:
That protection spell is awesome!  Having said that I would like to explain.....There was recently a huge amount of snow fall here and I was unable to shovel because of my bad back. I tried but didn't get very far....there was over a foot of snow and the village plowed even more into my drive way I was forced to wait until I could get someone to use a snow blower and remove it. I was off work for two days .  I had to use sick days so I wont lose money but I was forced to take a two day vacation :).... I returned to work today to find......
my boss became ill ......one of my co workers  ( her son and daughter in law were in a head on accident) no one was injured but the car was totaled. Her husband lost his job......another co worker her husband will have to see a dr for his back......another co worker  ( the father of her child was in jail for a few days) all of them have had more than a little to say about me . I was falsely accused of a mistake on a patient and that was brought to light this morning......I have not wished anything bad on any of these people but by their own had they are paying the  price. Thank you so much ....the stress in my life has lightened so much I can't thank you enough for helping me.
I will not take advantage of it but its nice to know I will be treated fairly now
that is all I have asked really is fairness.

Thanks Barbara


Michael is a true Master of the Arts, and a caring person. He will stand by you every step of the way and help you make your dreams come true. I have seen it and felt it. the spell was amazing!! I have been very happy with the results and cant wait to work with you again!! Thank you so much for all you have done for me, words cant express how grateful I am to have found you.


Michael is a very nice and kind person, he takes your calls and comfort you and let you know things are going to work out.  For all that comes to Michael just listen to what he says to you, at times it will seem very hard to understand what will happen with your work, but things will work out in time and things will come together.   Michael talks you through  all your troubles and doubts he is there for you so listen and be patient and you will be happy.  He has help me to understand some things a lot and is always there to talk to me, I would like to thank you for helping me out and will let you know of things to come.  Thanks again.
--- Helen


Hi. I just wanted to write and let you know on friday 28th the day my spell  was being cast
my 'very distant' boyfriend called me 5 times and  sent me 2 text messages!!
I am very excited and will continue to send you  updates in the future.

Thanks for everything




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