Remember that I can not start on the spell until I have recieved the package, because I need the following information to be able to write it up. Make sure and get the following things before I can cast a spell of any kind for you.
1. Getting a Package.....
Please remember that when you are going to get this package, please make it an overnight package with a tracking number. This is because in the past we have had people say that they sent things out and it never got here. This is to protect both you and me. With the tracking number you will be able to see that I have received it and I will be able to track it and know when it is going to be here. This way I can be looking for it. ;~)  A good carrier for this is FedEx, USPS, or UPS. The cheapest is of course USPS. The next is USPS and the most expensive is UPS. USPS Costs are about $3.85 and FedEx is about $5.50 and UPS is about 8.00. It is how ever you want to send, but I suggest USPS.
2. What needs to be in this package.
     A. Imprints
    You will need the imprints of all parties involved. If you are unsure of what Imprints are please refer to the imprints page. It will give examples of what they are and what is the best. Know that I do not need all of the imprints listed, just one or two. One of the items will work, and two of them is the best. When you get the imprints, place each persons imprints into a separate SEALED envelope and make sure you clearly mark whose imprints are in each envelope. Then place this into the overnight package.
    B. Letter to Divinity
    Next you will need to HAND WRITE a letter stating what it is that you are wanting to accomplish with the spell. This letter should be addressed to Divinity. Please know that I do not read this letter. It needs to state everything that you are feeling and wanting to happen in as much detail as you can possible give. This is what Divinity will look at as I perform the spell. It needs to be placed in a SEALED envelope as well. The reason it needs to be sealed is because I CAN NOT read this letter. The letter is made out to Divinity, so for me to read it would be disrespecting the one that I am asking something from. I can help you get started on this letter, but can not actually help you write the words. If you call me and read this letter to me, I will not be able to perform this spell for you. THIS IS OF THE MOST IMPORTANCE. PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS LETTER TO ME OR WRITE IT TO ME. Your spell WILL NOT WORK if you do so. After years of performing magic, these are guidelines that Divinity has set before me, so I have to follow. Please mark on the front of this SEALED envelope "Letter to Divinity". This way I do not open it on accident.
    C. Letter with your information
    In this letter, it can be typed and e-mailed to me or you can send it with your package. I will need your birthday, full name, and place of origin (if known). The place of origin would be what country you family name comes from. This helps if you know it, but is not necessary. If you are getting a Love Spell or a spell with 2 people in it, I will need their information as well. If you do not know all of their information, then you may just write what you do know and that will be ok.
    D. Payment
    Accepted payment types are US Postal Money Orders ( Or whatever US money order you can get), Western Union Wire ( , MoneyGram at (, or Bank Draft. ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS. With a Money Order, in the Payee Section please make this out to Michael Jenkins (only). If you are wanting to do Western Union, I will need your address, the control ID #, and your phone number to be able to pick it up. If you are sending it this way, send it to: 
Michael Jenkins
801 W. Bay Drive
Suite 471
Largo, Florida 33770

3.Sending the Package
    When you send this package please make sure that you get a tracking number. When you send it, send me an e-mail letting me know that you have sent with the tracking number. I will write you back as soon as the package arrives and let you know that I have picked it up. If you prefer that I call ( if you are in the US ) I will.
Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)
801 W. Bay Drive
Suite 471
Largo, Florida 33770

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