Extreme Black Magic Domination Spell $1500 USD

From the earliest days of mankind, man has searched for power or dominion over everything from people to nature and more. There has always been a stumbling block for those people, and most will not overcome this and fall short of being able to have dominion over the simplest of things in their life. Through the use of the Extreme Black Magic Domination Spell, people can regain the control that they want in life. It makes people more passive and willing to bend to the clients verbal, physical, or mental suggestions.

Through this Extreme Black Magical Arts Ritual the client will experience many things such as: being able to control relationships, friends, finances, getting jobs, etc. It especially deals with mind control in its highest form. This is a rite of Necromancy and is not some simple Love Spell or some small form of domination. It is truly a spell that you will see dramatic results upon entering of the clients information into the spell. 

Mind control has been used from the earliest of days of mankind, from Kings of the past to Extremely High Wizards of today. People have many different reasons for this spell and I do not judge anyone for their reasons, but I do want you to understand that this spell has dramatic results and can destroy a persons life if used in the wrong ways. Some use this spell to regain control in a relationship that has just went down hill and there is no other way to get the relationship back on track. I have had others use this spell for help in court cases. There is truly no end to the uses for this spell. 

This spell can take up to 3 weeks to create and perform due to the HAND DRAFTED materials that are involved. The is NO Karmic payback for this spell as it is performed in the name of justice and positive learning's.

This spell is HIGHLY customized for the client and can accompany about ANY situation in a persons life. That's what makes this spell different from most others. This spell uses such tools as;

Wax doll effigies, Ancient Hebrew, Egyptian, Celtic and Angelic Alphabets, Blood Offering from the Priest only, Herbs, Precious stones, crystal alchemies, Universal and Planetary signs, sigils, seals and Angelic signatures, Hand drafted Astrological and Numerological charts. Virgin parchment paper is used for the hand prayer its self . Biological alchemy.  A spell of this magnitude most generally takes two weeks for the creation of it in most cases and can take upwards to two hours in the performing of it. However, the results of this magical operation start "Immediately upon the entering of a Clients information into it ". 
 The FREE Services that would be rendered with this spell casting operation are such services as :
Spiritual Counseling: To which would give a person that extra guidance needed in the way of knowing what to say and what to do in a trying situation and as a result of this place a persons actions in accordance with the spell action thus speeding the over all process of the spell and would insure the best chances for success in the end.  
Crisis Hot Line :This is a line that is open to a person 24-7 day or night just in case a Client would need to speak to us or had a problem that needed immediate attention ect. 

Free Recast: The Recipient of this spell would receive mutable recast if needed but you won't need them.. However their there just in case..

In order for me to cast this spell I am going to need some information from you. Please follow this link and it will provide you with the necessary information that I will be needing in order to cast your spell, ok. http://www.lovespells-magicspells.com/what_you_will_need_to_send.htm


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