The Soul Mate Retrieval Spell $600 USD

The differences between these levels of spell would be the tools and speech used in the spell its self and time invested in the over all operation as these elements will dictate the accuracy and speed in which a spell will yield up results for a person ..  The spell description previewed below would be the general description of the Advanced form of this spell and not the mid or lower grades of this spell and may not offer all of the free services that go with the advanced spell ect.

This Enchantment will seek out your Soul Mate and bring them back to you in the way that it will speak your heart and mind to them on a astral level.  Another great thing about this spell is that it will enter into the Targets dreams thus effecting their mind in a very strong and positive way as it compels the Target of the spell to either return back to the Client or to find the Client in this life. 
 This type of spell action will send positive but repetitive messages on a frequent basis to the Target via the Universal energies until the person gives in to the Clients will.  If by some chance the Targets Soul is strong or stubborn and is able to resist this enchantment at first then it will be a short battle as the spell will only get more intense as time goes on. The Soul Mate Retrieval Spell will not only find the Clients Soul Mate but will invoke strong feelings of love. romance and sexual attraction within the Target as it turns the Client into a love magnet so to speak.
  This Enchantment also has incredible healing powers within it concerning Soul Mates that for whatever reasons have broken up and are no longer in communication with one another or are in communication but just can't get past their differences. This spell has certain components to it that can be found in the Love Retrieval, Healing and the Sexual Enhancement spells as it tends to heal past difference. sexual problems. communication problems and emotional problems.
  The Soul Mate Retrieval Spell uses nine Angelic Heresies with over three thousand working Angels of the planets Mars. Neptune. Moon and Venus. The spell also uses both a hand drafted Astrological and Angelic Heresy chart along with the arts of biological. Metal alchemies and herbology. The spell is written up in four ancient alphabets and uses virgin parchment paper and magical ink.  The rite is spoken in fifteenth century Latin and uses many invoking of the names of our Creator and its Holy Angels, Other tools used within this spell are such tools as hand sculpted wax doll effigies. candles. loads of incense. black mirrors to see the Angels with and scraying pool in which to speak to them with plus so many other tools to numerous to mention here.
The spell will take two weeks in the creation of it and will take three hours in the performing of this Enchantment. The free services offered with this spell would be the :
Spiritual Counseling: To which would give a person that extra guidance needed in the way of knowing what to say and what to do in a trying situation and as a result of this place a persons actions in accordance with the spell action thus speeding the over all process of the spell and would insure the best chances for success in the end
 Crisis Hot Line :This is a line that is open to a person 24-7 day or night just in case a Client would need to speak to us or had a problem that needed immediate attention ect.  Spell picture: A Client would receive a large and clear picture of their spell sent to them via email with the day, time and date of casting, [[ Of course this is optional to the Client as to if this is sent or not ]] .
The Negativity Releasing Prayer : To which helps a person feel allot better physically plus excels the over all results of their spell casting by light years.
 Recast: The Recipient of this spell would receive three recast if needed ..
 If this is something you would be interested in but would like to hear more specifics as to the spells inward workings then please contact me either via my home telephone number listed below or my email of and I will personally be glad to address any questions or concerns that you may have about this particular spell casting.  Thank you for your time and I hope to be hearing from you soon..
In order for me to cast this spell I am going to need some information from you. Please follow this link and it will provide you with the necessary information that I will be needing in order to cast your spell, ok.

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